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Calibration of measuring instruments

Calibration of measuring instruments is a set of operations that are performed to certify the conformity of measuring instruments with the metrological requirements.

Calibration of measuring instruments (MI) used in the areas covered by the state control  for measurement uniformity assurance is the most important form of the state control.

The strategy of measurement uniformity assurance up to 2015 aims at significant improvements in efficiency of calibration activities.  For example, calibration activities with regard to the weighing equipment (a critical socially important group of measuring instruments) cover not more than 27% of 50 mil. units subject to calibration.

As shown by the results of targeted inspections performed by Rostechregulation, a similar and often even worse calibration situation develops in such socially important areas as healthcare, ecology, communications, transport (aviation).  Development of the calibration activities to conserve energy resources of all kinds — oil, gas, forests, energy and others — is extremely important for the national economy.

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