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GOST-R, TR CU Certificate of Conformity

This is a document issued by an accredited body, which is independent of a manufacturer or a seller, to certify that the products that passed through a series of testing procedures meet the requirements of the state standards, shortly GOSTs.

The products may require the conformity assessment (certification), which involves a mandatory or voluntary certification.

The product certification is mandatory, if the products fall within the list of goods which free circulation is restricted at the legislative level.  As a rule, such products bear a certain degree of risk to consumers.  Such products cannot be imported to or sold on the territory of the Russian Federation without a document of conformity.

The certification on a voluntary basis (a voluntary certification) is performed at the request of a manufacturer or a seller of the product.  It is distinct from the mandatory certification in that the products may be tested not only for compliance with the mandatory requirements (typically the requirements for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, content of harmful substances, labelling, packaging, etc.), but also for compliance with other not mandatory requirements.

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