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Explosion Protection Certificate

This document is intended to certify the conformity of EX-proof equipment, for which the certificate is issued, with the standards for a certain type of explosion protection.  This document is also known as the explosion-safety certificate of conformity, EX certificate, GOST R certificate for EX-proof equipment.

EX-proof equipment is a product that is used, in whole or in part, to handle electricity, and can be a potential source of ignition and therefore has design features which reduce this danger.  Such equipment is designed specifically for explosive environments, and its manufacturer is required to obtain the Explosion-Safety Certificate.

The Explosion-Safety Certificate may be issued for varying periods depending on the product‐specificity. It is usually issued for 1 year.  The list of all the documents which must be prepared and provided to obtain an Explosion-Safety Certificate also varies and may include a manual of operations, a testing plan, specifications, data sheet, engineering documentation, samples of certified products.

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